Příloha C. Notice & Slips Guides


C.1. Field Guide for Notices & Slips

C.1. Field Guide for Notices & Slips

Barton Chittenden

ByWater Solutions


Nicole C. Engard


This guide will break down the notices and slips information in 3 ways. First it will tell you what file generates the notice, then how you will present the item info in that notice and finally if the notice can be branch specific or not.

Letter Code Used In Detail tag Can be branch specific
DUE advance_notices.pl <<items.content>> No
DUEDGST advance_notices.pl <<items.content>> No
PREDUE advance_notices.pl <<items.content>> No
PREDUEDGST advance_notices.pl <<items.content>> No
ODUE* overdue_notices.pl <<items.content>> or <item> </item> Yes
CHECKOUT C4/Circulation.pm N/A Yes
RENEWAL C4/Circulation.pm N/A Yes
TRANSFERSLIP C4/Circulation.pm N/A Yes
ISSUESLIP C4/Members.pm

<checkedout> </checkedout>

<overdue> </overdue>

<news> </news>

ISSUEQSLIP C4/Members.pm <checkedout> </checkedout> Yes
HOLDPLACED C4/Reserves.pm N/A Yes
RESERVESLIP C4/Reserves.pm N/A Yes
ASKED C4/Suggestions.pm N/A Yes
CHECKED C4/Suggestions.pm N/A Yes
ACCEPTED C4/Suggestions.pm N/A Yes
REJECTED C4/Suggestions.pm N/A Yes
PREDUE_PHONE TalkingTech_itiva_outbound N/A No
OVERDUE_PHONE TalkingTech_itiva_outbound N/A No
HOLD_PHONE TalkingTech_itiva_outbound N/A No
OPAC_REG_VERIFY opac/opac-memberentry.pl N/A No