9.6. Facturas

When orders are received invoices are generated. Invoices can be searched by clicking on 'Invoices' in the left of the Acquisitions page.

Después de buscar, los resultados aparecerán a la derecha de las opciones de búsqueda.

Desde los resultados se puede hacer clic en el enlace 'Detalles' para ver la factura completa o 'Cerrar' para anotar que la factura está cerrada/pagada.

From the results you can also merge together two invoices should you need to. Simply click the checkbox to the left of the invoices you would like to merge and click the 'Merge selected invoices' button at the bottom of the page. You will be presented with a confirmation screen:

Click on the row of the invoice number you would like to keep and it will be highlighted in yellow. Enter any different billing information in the fields provided and click 'Merge'. The two invoices will become one.